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Contagious Leadership Action Manual

10 Steps to Transition from Manager to Leader
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Contagious Leadership Action Manual

10 Steps to Transition from Manager to Leader

The Contagious Leadership Action Manual is a self-study guide to becoming a better leader. Whether you’re newly promoted or lead others who’ve been in their role for a while, you will find great value in the ten skill building sections. 

Managers will transition to leading by learning how to:

  • build rapport
  • earn respect
  • ask for help
  • set boundaries
  • give feedback and coaching

New managers will experience a mindset shift on what it means to truly lead, along with how one motivates and engages the team one has the privilege of leading. Recognition methods are covered along with a guide for:

  • prioritization
  • communication
  • handling changes
  • emotional intelligence
  • setting clear expectations. 

Through each of these ten “take-away” packed sections, five reusable templates, and abbreviated assessment, managers can expect to make a smooth and rapid transition into leadership.

An ideal resource for you and for those you may lead, when improvement of leadership skills and strengths is the focus! This Action Manual is designed to follow the Contagious Leadership 15th Anniversary Edition book, but may also be utilized as a stand alone resource. Order one for you and one for each member of the team and watch your results, productivity, morale, and skills rapidly increase!   

This powerful, practical book, based on many years of work with thousands of top managers shows you how to get more and better results, faster than you ever thought possible.

Brian Tracy

Author of Eat That Frog! and Goals!

Your leadership style and strengths change how you lead and are perceived by others. Find out how you lead with this quick online assessment.

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