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Make Difficult People Disappear

Action Manual Companion Workbook
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Make Difficult People Disappear

Action Manual Companion Workbook

The Make Difficult People Disappear Action Manual™ is where you get to specify exactly who and what difficulty you’re dealing with and then truly make it disappear. The ideal companion to the book Make Difficult People Disappear, this 100+ page workbook gives step by step guidance on putting the principles into action specific to you!

Whether your difficult person exists at work or at home, it’s no fun to face them daily. Those negative Neds and Nellies who insist on ruining your day, really can be taught to leave you alone and go away! Rather than just read what to do, learn how to do it and take action with this easily to follow action manual.

With expert guidance by international leadership development expert Monica Wofford, your ability to remove difficult people from your presence, reduce your own stress, and eliminate the conflict in your life and work will feel easy and effective with this companion workbook. Unless you just like to complain about all those difficult people, get your workbook today!

The Make Difficult People Disappear Action Manual™ provides:

  • 100+ pages of step by step guidance
  • A robust appendix with blank forms
  • Space for you to write and vent
  • A reduction in your stress!

Have you ever wondered if you are the difficult person that others want to make disappear? If so, this engaging fable is for you. It will help you identify traits and actions in your own life to improve your leadership skills and produce dynamic, fully functioning teams within your organization.

Michael Mowdy, CLU®, ChFC®

Agent, State Farm Insurance

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