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“Gave me a boost – a shot in the arm – affirmation – insight as to how to do my job better.”
Della Davis

Sunset Plumbing


Nothing will kill your ability to lead effectively, motivate high levels of performance, and get those you lead to meet their goals, than these five mistakes… and how easy they are to make might surprise you! Whether it’s how you communicate your expectations, if, in fact, you do, or the mistake you make is in how you train employees how to treat you, these mistakes are made by new managers all the time, creating years of repair work, that now, you can easily avoid. In the 5 Fatal Mistakes Leaders Can’t Afford to MakeTM, you’ll learn preventative measures that will keep you from costing your company a bundle. You’ll learn five ways to avoid messing up your career and keeping the employees you lead living in fear of taking a risk, showing initiative, or courageously reaching for their goals. Beyond basic leadership skills, this course will ensure you become a better leader and build those you lead at the same time. Being a boss or manager is easy and up to those who bestow your title. Being a leader takes an active effort of practice and often experience. Shorten your learning curve and reduce your efforts with this powerful webinar that will keep you out of the hot seat and keep those effective skills alive in ways that help you truly lead those who report to you to accomplish better than average results and help you, the leader, to thrive!


  • Avoid the five most costly and damaging mistakes new leaders make
  • Put preventative measures in place to ensure these mistakes are never made
  • Apply simple action items that will reduce a leader’s frustration and feeling of overwhelm
  • Decrease the drama and damage control on the team of employees you lead
  • Increase the ease of leadership and timeframe in which you learn how to do it better!

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    Your leadership style and strengths change how you lead and are perceived by others. Find out how you lead with this quick online assessment.

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