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“Outstanding information on all topics – very valuable info! Monica presented it all with wonderful examples – all in a fun way – very animated and delightful. Excellent! Monica was fabulous, very entertaining, and fun!”
Linda Curtis

United States Tennis Association


This course is a must for managers and team members who want to work better together! If you’re a manager leading others who are not following your precise direction or if you are a team member who isn’t sure where your leader is going, join the Contagious Collaboration webinar. In this session, we’ll focus on how to build rapport with your leader and team, adjust your attitude or theirs, remove stress at all levels, and focus on what they do well instead of wrong and role clarification. If you want the team to perform like a well-oiled machine versus many gears grinding together, which we all know brings performance to a screeching halt, register you and your team for this webinar today!


  • Get all team members on the same page quickly and effectively
  • Create a common vision for all team members to see and respect
  • Clarify team member and leaders roles and joint responsibilities
  • Inspire a positive attitude without needing pom-poms
  • Shift focus from what they do wrong to what they do well
  • Remove the damaging impacts of stress, strife, and conflict with healthy boundaries

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