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“Today was wonderful! I’m glad it was fun and easy going. Training can be fun – Monica proved this. I learned a lot!”
Katherine Rodriguez

University of Texas Health Services


Truth: you must first be okay with being you and good at leading you before you have any real business leading others. It may sound bold, but think of the leaders you admire the most. Aren’t they comfortable in their own skin; confident, but not cocky; completely okay with differences in opinion, and your way of reaching the same result, even if it differs from what they would do? If that’s how you wish to lead, this webinar is for you! Getting the Help You Need from Those You Lead will raise your self-leadership to a new level and provide you with the skills to manage the voices in your head, pay attention to what employees are saying to themselves, and employing the method of asking for their help as a key performance motivator. This webinar will also help you be a better mentor and guide on the side for those you lead, as well as those you might see as your own leader. If managing up is what you need, this course will get you up to speed on being a better leader to even those who are in charge of leading you. Based on the book, Contagious Leadership, by Monica Wofford, Getting the Help You Need from Those You Lead will improve your overall effectiveness at being the leader you want to be, helping you get out of your own way, changing your focus, and even improving cohesive and productive teamwork and the lines of communication among all with whom you work. Be a part of the solution, the peak potential and the performance of those you lead by joining this and other valuable webinars in the Contagious Leadership Series.


  • Manage their own confidence and self-esteem levels
  • Employ techniques to keep them from taking behavior personally
  • Use 3 steps to simply and effectively “manage up”
  • Improve their ability to be a better “guide on the side” and mentor
  • Sincerely ask for help from those they lead without feeling foolish

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