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“Helped me to look at the big picture when I thought I already was looking at the big picture.”

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Everyone has had those bummer moments. Whether it’s the promotion you didn’t get, the negotiation you lost, or that bad hiring decision you realized you made too late, set backs are part of the growth process. They might make you sad, even sting, or hurt, but with How Leaders Bounce Back from Set Backs, that feeling won’t last forever. This session addresses how leaders overcome challenges and how leaders rise above, work through the emotions, and appropriately express frustration, without making the situation worse. In this live interactive session, you’ll find comfort in the fact that all leaders face such obstacles and you’ll feel confident that you, too, can move past them. But, How Leaders Bounce Back from Set Backs is more than just a how-to session. This session is one we’d always recommend to others but might not think we need for ourselves. Take the time to treat yourself. Accept your emotions and be willing to work through them instead of stuffing, bottling up, or ignoring the ones that will always come back around, often badly! How Leaders Bounce Back from Set Backs gives you the tools, the support, and the steps all in one session. You’ll learn the difference between losing and loser; the 3 primary methods for returning to a new normal; and the way to work through your feelings the fastest. You’ll also learn how to voice your concerns to others who may be resistant to hearing your side of the story. How Leaders Bounce Back from Set Backs is just the session you need if you’ve ever had a goal that just didn’t, right now, and perhaps not yet, happen!


  • Identify the difference between losing and loser
  • Apply 3 methods for returning to normal work and productive behavior
  • Engage others in the process without being overly vulnerable
  • Integrate more rapid learning with 7 growth strategies

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