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“She has an enchanting way of capturing the audience’s interest.”


From the death of an employee, to layoffs, to simple resignations or office furniture changes, the way in which a leader communicates bad news and the truth, makes all the difference in what employees DO with that information. Work and life can be messy and leadership is not always sunshine and roses, but in the webinar How Leaders Communicate Bad News™, you’ll gain more than ten tips for how to let them down easy, share delicate details, and handle the reactions that may ensue once you give them the news. If you’re new to leadership this course is an essential. If you’ve lead teams for a while and nothing that bad has really happened, keep watching the news and remind yourself that someday, something might just happen, for which you’ll want all of these steps for when you need to put them to use!


  • Identify the top five most challenging bits of news leaders face
  • Employ a step by step proven methodology for getting ready, sharing, and recovery
  • Understand the value of integrity, confidentiality, and managing the middle ground

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