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“Monica was great! Her enthusiasm and sense of humor were contagious. She makes you really feel like you have the ability and new knowledge to make changes.”
J. Thompson

United Way


They whine and complain and drain your time and energy, but how do you get them to do better. It’s the poor performers we’ll address in this session. Learn methods that motivate and encourage, rather than strong arm performance. Get to the root of the problem and uncover real solutions while building an environment of accountability. How to Coach a Poor Performer will provide you with coaching models and approaches, but more importantly make you a far better coach and make them a rising star! Even if you were the boss they called “super star”, coaching those who perform not as well can feel like pushing rope. This session gives you hope. How to Coach a Poor Performer will help you get them all in line, all on the same page and the results you (and your boss) crave!


  • Apply one of four different coaching models
  • Differentiate between criticism and actionable motivation
  • Utilize new ways of conveying bad news and consequences
  • Encourage potential self-deselection and awareness that this job just doesn’t fit
  • Improve the overall performance results and relationships on the team!

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