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“Great energy level, good suggestions on what methods work and why.”
Greg Hagg

Sherwin Williams


Whether or not you like someone in an interview is not usually part of an effective hiring decision, but it’s the criteria most often used. If you and those you lead continue to hire employees that later prove to be a bad fit, this webinar will turn that around and help them hire employees who fit the role, stay longer and produce more. In How to Help Your Higher Ups Hire Right, you learn how to identify key job criteria, create role clarity, quickly spot relevant attributes and red flags in candidates, and make better hiring decisions right from the start. Inclusive of what questions to ask, which ones to avoid, and how to reduce reliability on the “likeability factor” in an interview, How to Help Your Higher Ups Hire Right is just what you need if your Human Resource Department has a line out their door of people who really shouldn’t work here anymore. Designed specifically for those managers who interview and hire, and need to do both better, this learning event covers interviewing from A-Z and equips those who lead with the skills they need to hire employees right for the job, the team and the organization. Attendees should complete and bring your scores from the CORE Snapshot two page assessment tool which will be provided upon your registration in the class.


  • Determine key criteria needed for each employee in each role
    • Assess the fit of a candidate within the first ten minutes of an interview
    • Increase their confidence and judgment in being able to hire the right people
  • Employ effective methods for asking the most relevant interview questions
  • Improve performance of new hires

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