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We’ve all been asked to do something we’d just rather not do, but sometimes it’s hard to utter that two letter word: NO. How DO you say it without creating more damage control? How DO you decline and still stay on the list for a “next time”? Whether you struggle saying no socially, to family and friends, or you really need to beef up your skills to quit taking on so much at work, the Six Savvy Ways to Say No learning event provides you with the guidance you need to succeed. If burnout is your constant companion, resentment your faithful friend and guilt a guiding side kick that makes you say yes more than you’d like, this course was written with you in mind. In one short hour you’ll learn six savvy and face saving ways to say no and still be liked, suggest alternatives that work for both parties, and gracefully decline so you’re kept in the promotion line. Saying no doesn’t have to be a career limiting move or even a social faux pas, when boundaries are in place and communication of your no is enhanced. In fact, if you want to get back that feeling of control and confidence over your own time, life, and schedule, join this learning event to learn the steps to stay in charge without guilt looming large.


  • Employ one or more of the six ways to convey a no and still save face
  • Understand how “no” is a loaded word and often causes others to feel rejected
  • Attract even more opportunities by being selective about those you accept
  • Stop letting guilt or worry over what others might think drive your behavior
  • Avoid frequent cases of burnout or resentment by being overloaded and overworked

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