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“Very motivating – too bad I can’t bring her home with me!”
Tami Lancaster

St.Mary’s Medical Center


Whether you’ve been recently promoted or held the position for years, have you ever wanted to know how to just be a better boss? In this webinar you’ll learn not just one method, but 10 Simple Steps to Being a Better Boss. Beyond basic leadership skills, this course will uniquely address the needs of both the role of manager and leader, as well as how to get those who report to you to do what you’ve asked them to do. If your interest is in being a better boss and you want guidance on how to become a better leader and manager, this course was written with you in mind. In one short hour you’ll be able to apply a simple switch of mindset, understand the pride and pitfalls of your title and your power, and get the secrets behind truly leading employees instead of simply being seen as someone they need to go through, work around, or tolerate. Being a boss is an important role and how you behave and influence in this position can elevate your success, change the lives of those you lead or be your best and most pivotal career limiting move. If you want to know how to become a better boss this webinar makes it easy while spelling out exactly the steps you can take to make a significant impact.


  • Recognize the difference between authority, power, and influence
  • Shift your mindset from “I am boss, hear me roar” to a focus that empowers them to do more
  • Apply the ten steps quickly and in the real world of any workplace
  • Stop being the primary bottleneck and barrier to employee performance
  • Improve your visibility, promotability, and likability

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