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“Monica is a very energetic leader. She kept us all interested.”

Christy Cook

Russell Corp


Transition from Buddy to Boss is for new managers who’ve been promoted, but perhaps not prepared. This training course teaches them how to transition from being a peer to now managing their peers and focuses on developing self- awareness, their own leadership style, and a leadership plan. Going beyond the mere basics of management, Transition from Buddy to Boss is designed for those managers who may be experiencing favoritism, challenges in communication with those they now lead, and confusion about how to coach, guide, develop and discipline the very employees they use to hang out with and whine to about “management”.


  • Determine their own leadership motivation
  • Avoid common pitfalls for new leaders
  • Coach employees with a wide range of challenges
  • See the difference between an attitude, behavior, or performance problem employee
  • Uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of their own team
  • Develop a plan to keep the team motivated and focusing on their strengths

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