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How to Be a Better Leader When Speaking Up is Not Your Style

Those who don’t speak up are not promoted into management positions as often, but it can and does happen. But how do you become a better leader when sharing expectations, giving firm guidance at times, and stating an unpopular, but needed, opinion is not your cup of tea? Here is an eBook and three additional… read more

How can a logical, left brained person be a better leader?

Being logical, linear, and structured is a gift. It can also hinder your leadership abilities with those who are more abstract, creative, and communicative. You may see them as emotional or not doing things right. The fact is they do things different. SO, how do you become a better leader of many others, when your… read more

Calling all Captains: Would Your Crew Follow You?

The movie Captain Phillips is in theaters nationwide and as often happens I saw many a leadership lesson in this movie. Though it was Hollywood-ized, the lessons on being a powerful leader in times of crisis are incredible and the entire movie made me wonder, if your department, company or team were under “attack” or… read more

3 Stress Related Signs Leaders See Before Employees Start to Leave

“31% of employees are not satisfied with their jobs” – Forbes Hmmm… If Forbes tells us “31% of employees are not satisfied with their jobs”, the obvious question is how long do workers stay dissatisfied before they leave? In addition, how much stress does this dissatisfaction create and are there stress related signs that we… read more

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