3 Liberating Reasons Leaders Should Not Apologize

3 Liberating Reasons Leaders Should Not Apologize

It’s one of the most common phrases heard among managers and leaders of all levels: “I’m sorry” Some use the phrase more often than others and most use it far more frequently than they mean. But, what does it mean really when a leader says “I’m sorry”? The truth is it could mean a multitude… read more

Leadership Anxiety: The Real Reason Leaders Aren’t Sleeping

Most leaders don’t know the real reason. They cite meaningful things when asked what keeps them up at night, but the truth is more related to fright than what goes on in their day to day routine. The real reason has nothing to do with employee behavior, manager mishaps, or whether the stock price is… read more

How a Boss Can (Unknowingly) Create Brain Drain

There’s the brain drain that comes up in generation training and then there’s the brain drain referred to by Robert Cialdini in his revised edition of Influence. The book Influence should be required reading for all those who lead because leaders who wish to motivate and persuade employees to do their job, often stand in… read more

How the Most Difficult Employees Reveal How You Lead

You’ve put in the long hours, been promoted a time or two, and difficult employees still seem to follow you! Whether they complain all the time, gripe about the way in which you lead or show you attitude when you convey what you need, difficult employees are not easy ones to lead. However, if they… read more

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