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Employee Engagement: Let Me Count the Ways

The Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem begins with “How do I love thee” and continues with “let me count the ways”. In organizations, each employee is asking how do you engage me? But, most employers are finding their list of ways in which they do, contains far too few to count. How do you engage employees… read more

Leadership: How to Be Their Favorite Boss

Who doesn’t want to be the boss remembered for making a lasting impact? Being their favorite or best boss may not be the entire business goal certainly, but when you implement these steps, you’ll not only be favored, but the leader building a fabulously productive team! Listen to Them Task mastering leaders struggle to listen… read more

A Fresh Start: How to Re-engage, Re-energize, and Re-Motivate Your Team

The Latin root “re” is used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition and repeating the efforts of engaging, energizing and motivating the team you lead will pay off. Engaging team members is not an act that is “one and done” and successful leaders know this. This is the power of… read more

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