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Monday Moment: Lead Your Assumptions

Good morning and Happy Monday! I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment on leading your assumptions. Assumptions are much like expectations. Everyone’s got some and rarely are two the very same or even accurate. But in the role of leader, this deserves a bit of extra effort and double checking. For example, based… read more

Rarely Shared Secrets of Leadership Expectations

Every leader (and every person actually) maintains expectations.  While typically aimed at employees, leadership expectations, for example, are applied to those who perform at high levels and they’re seen as high performers partly based on the perception that they’re meeting expectations. Those not performing well fail to meet those expectations and are called problems. It… read more

5 Things New Leaders Never Do, but Should

5 Things New Leaders Never Do, but Should

A new leader is one who was promoted inside of 24 months ago. For some, this may be their first role, or merely their first go at a new role in an old company. In either case, in an effort to get their work done and make a great impression with the ever present enthusiasm… read more

Why Leadership is Rarely The Real Reason

When the chips are down, pundits love to blame leadership, or the lack thereof, for poor outcomes and lackluster results. Yet, whether we’re talking billion dollar right offs by corporate leaders at Microsoft; Presidential seats, like the one newly filled in Nigeria, or the sports scandal that resulted in FIFA’s desire for a new leader,… read more

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