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Monday Moment: Leadership Communication in Building Trust

Good morning and Happy Monday! I’m Monica Wofford and this is your Monday Moment. You’ve heard it said that relationships (and leadership!) happen at the speed of trust. You may also have heard of a Circle of Trust. You also know that trust is not often acquired, earned, nor developed overnight or in an instant.… read more

The 5 People Skills You’re Likely Not Using

The 5 People Skills You’re Likely Not Using

Leaders are indeed human and because of that they’re all different. Some have an abundance of stereotypical people skills and some would prefer not talking to people at all. Both benefit from using said people skills when working with the people they have the privilege of leading, but knowing about those skills, knowing they are… read more

Three Intangible Traits of Leadership (Worth Touching On)

I have to laugh at my own silly sense of humor in “touching on” intangible traits, but I’m also making a point. You can quantifiably measure things like delegation, achievement, and motivation from a leader to a team. What you can’t measure are the three more intangible traits of patience, trust and confidence, but without… read more

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